Igor is an ATV(All Terrain Vehicle), with a powerful Engine, adaptive suspension for maximum comfort and the drivability of a Motorcycle. And With its 2.5 GHz Technology it can be driven remotely up to a distance of 3 Km. Igor takes adventure sports to a completely different level. And its just the beginning.

We completely reimagined how an ATV should work. IGOR combines Burnoulli-engineered Teradrive technology with the essence of bike, and the result is absolutely amazing. This elegantly designed; all terrain vehicle totally rocks the surface it drives on.

Igor is elegantly designed for both aesthetic and aerodynamic performance. Available in diff. colors, it’s gorgeous from every angle — yet quite robust and sturdy. The lights are custom made to compliment the overall design of the vehicle while maintaining the proper view angle.

Igor uses not 1, but two engines, one for each track. The 125 cc engines provide with more than enough torque to tackle almost any climb angle that one can think off. Both the engines are highly synchronized to ensure equal power delivery to both the tracks.

The TerraDrive technology allows Igor to have a turning radius which is lesser than any other ATV in market. Just by changing the throttle input of both the engines with respect to each other, one can turn Igor left or right. It’s easier than turning your bike.

Off-roading is usually linked with bumps, and back aches, but while driving Igor you wouldn’t even notice the difference between driving off road or on road. This feat is achieved due to its adaptive suspension that changes the track’s shape with the obstruction it encounters in order to provide with a smooth feedback to the rider. This unique suspension allows it to overcome high obstructions with minimum rider discomfort.

With its 2.5 Ghz remote and FDV(Front Driver View) technology you can drive it from a single position up to a distance of 3 Km. Its just like driving a toy car, only larger.

Technically Speaking

Dimensions:  Length - 76.5"
Width  - 55.5"
Height - 29.0"

Colours:  Black & Red

Battery:  20 v

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