In so many ways, Cleaning has never been easier. Just imagine a vacuum cleaner, a broom, a mop all combined into a device that’s the size of a toy car. Garber is all set to revolutionize how you clean your home.

Garber changes the way in which your floors are moped. It is equipped with a water dispenser that periodically distributes water on the area it’s working. Croller then soaks and stores the through its foam padding while it thrusts the device forward.

Garber uses a broom and a dustpan like bucket to collect any trash it finds while performing its duty. The broom is completely reimagined in order to work efficiently and effectively. It ensures that it collects all the trash while preventing any accidental spillage.

Vacuum cleaner on Garber is compact yet powerful. Its high RPM motor makes sure that all of the particles are sucked. Cleverly designed suction ducts and air filter make it possible to hold large amounts of dust while occupying very little space in the body.

Garber uses just two Servo Motors and high RPM motor to perform all the functions simultaneously. This results in efficient usage of the high-density battery, which in turn prolongs the battery life and gives more run time.

Garber has been designed to be as symmetrical as possible. It’s compact design doesn’t compromise its functionality. The small size makes it easier for it to move over through you rooms and take tight turns while taking tight turns. Yet all this is achieved while remaining true to Burnoulli’s Sharp design language.

Technically Speaking

Dimensions:  Length - 19.0"
Width  - 10.75"
Height - 5.0"

Colours:  Red & Grey

Battery:  20 v

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