Little Tornado is one of the first Planes to have come out of Burnoulli’s design studio. Keeping both beginner and expert, Little Tornado comes in two variants, the High wing and the Low wing versions. And did we forget to mention that it flies like a dream?

Your search for open and isolated fields has ended. Instead of finding a larger field we built a plane that is just the perfect size! Its small enough to be able to land in a small basketball court yet large enough to fly stably even in strong winds.

As the name suggests, Little Tornado is small yet powerful. It uses a 1400 kv motor with an 8 inch propeller having 6 degree pitch. The whole setup screams high RPMs. It’s never enough for Little Tornado as it keeps on asking for more.

Made from high-grade balsa wood, Little Tornado is light as a feather yet strong and easy to modify and repair.

“With Great power comes Great maneuverability”, sounds familiar to uncle Ben’s (spider man) quote? Well this is what we kept in mind while designing Little Tornado. Its 1400Kv motor gives the Little Tornado its power and the large control surfaces give it the high maneuverability that makes it ideal for both the beginner and the expert.

Technically Speaking

Dimensions:  Length - 26.0"
Width  - 40.0"
Width Wings - 14.0"

Battery:  20 v

Colours:  Silver Grey

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