Robust is an extra hand one can always use to get the tasks done. While it can collect things for you, it can also transport them. On papers Robust is beautiful, but a few balsa planks, a high torque motor and 7 servos later its Magnificent as well as usable.


Replicating a Human arm, the DroidArm equipped on Robust has 7 degrees of freedom, which is possible due to usage of 6 High Torque servos. The DroidArm is mechanically stabilized allowing it pick up liquid containers without spilling the liquid in them.

Robust has been designed following Burnoulli’s Sharp Design Language. Its Bucket Area is designed to be sleek yet it provides the maximum space for the goods it picks up. The design is bold yet minimal, thus proving to be a great DIY (Do It Yourself) project.

Robust uses a High Torque motor for propulsion that provides enough power to carry heavy goods with ease. The electronic setup provides continuous, uninterrupted power to the axle in order to nullify the jerks that could topple the goods in the bucket.

With its 2.5 GHz remote and FDV(Front Driver View) technology you can operate it upto a distance of 3Km. And with the live feed on your monitor you will see what it sees.

Technically Speaking

Dimensions:  Length - 21.5"
Width  - 10.5"
Height - 3.5"

Colours:  Blue & Yellow

Battery:  20 v

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