SpyRo is a remote controlled, variable height robot having FDV (First Driver View) support and Burnoulli Engineered TeraDrive system. All of this makes it a very capable platform for different projects.

By using High Torque, SpyRo can change its ground clearance by 7 cm. This allows it to overcome high obstructions, which it may encounter while performing any tasks.

With its 2.5 GHz remote and FDV (Front Driver View) technology you can operate it upto a distance of 3Km. And with the live feed on your monitor you will see what it sees.

Made from high-grade balsa wood, SpyRo is light as a feather yet strong and easy to modify and repair.

Turning Radius

The TerraDrive technology allows SpyRo to have a very small turning radius. Just by changing the throttle input of all fours Servo Motors with respect to each other, one can turn SpyRo left or right. All you have to do is move the joystick of your remote in your desired direction and watch the magic work.

SpyRo has been designed following Burnoulli’s Sharp Design Language. Its bold lines give it a masculine look while providing numerous contact points for any other accessories that you might want to add.

Technically Speaking

Dimensions:  Length - 12.75"
Width  - 4.5"
Height - 3.5"

Battery:  20 v

Colours:  Black & Red

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